Ralph Cabildo

Kim Cabildo

Ralph began his DJ career in 1982. With over 25 years as a mobile DJ entertainer, Ralph has rode the wave of various music eras and knows the importance of "variety" with every performance. He is a great host when it comes to organizing party events. He is quick to make contacts with the catering staff and hall managers to ensure that everything happens in a timely manner. His outgoing personality places him right in the middle of the dance floor to teach old and new steps.

Kim's DJ experience began in 1993. She is considered to be one of the best mobile woman DJ's in Metro-Detroit. Kim takes pride in performing in what is often thought of as a "man's occupation", and she can offer a bride what no male DJ can... a woman's perspective! She is always concerned with the needs and expectations of her clients and is able to accommodate at a moment's notice. Her entertainment knowledge is rated with the best when it comes to music selection. Kim is the woman who can get your party started.

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